Weekly Update: October 15th-19th

Here are the highlights from our Facebook page this week:

“Whether or not you stand behind Candy’s performance last night, it’s disheartening that a woman’s figure was used as the measure of credibility. I am personally excited to see a successful woman in a powerful position. When I see Candy, I don’t see her size; I see someone strong and aspirational.”

-Model Robyn Lawley spoke out against Twitter’s attacks on debate moderator Candy Crowley, covered by The Daily Beast.

The Atlantic criticizes the shaming of baring breasts, arguing that “the site of bare breasts is not enough to corrupt men… [and] no matter how women dress, there is no getting around the fact that many men will lust after them.”

Upworthy features a video by Karen Waldron, who they say “doesn’t know you, but she’s completely convinced that you’re beautiful. Give her three minutes and she’ll prove it.”

The Telegraph argues for feminism’s continuing necessity in response to a survey that found that “six out of seven women have rejected the term feminist and 36 per cent of young women cannot imagine a time when men and women were not equal.”

-Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are set to co-host the Golden Globes. (Forbes)