Facebook Weekly Roundup: October 22nd – 26th

Here are the most popular stories from our Facebook page this week:

-Newsweek’s newest cover featuring Malala is #MediaWeLike, because the story describes a woman’s achievements without focusing on her appearance.

-“Successful women are only considered a success if they are successful AND hot, and I worry constantly that I won’t be.” – a fifteen year old’s submission to the Everyday Sexism project.

-There are a record number (163) of women running for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives this year (via The 2012 Project). Learn more here.

Jezebel covers CNN’s sexist headline: “Do hormones drive women’s votes?”

-“The trouble with these cleavage-ogling breast cancer campaigns is that, like most advertising, they place a disproportionate emphasis on straight male sexual desire and reduce a woman’s value to a body part. It seems particularly crass that women’s health funding should depend on the same sort of eye-candy marketing that sells beer, chicken wings, and Axe cologne. What if you don’t have the sort of breasts that win wet T-shirt contests? Would anyone care that they were threatened?” – Jezebel

-Spirit Halloween responded to our #NotBuyingIt tweets and changed the wording on their site. However, other problematic costumes and descriptions remain. Find out more here.