Weekly Roundup: July 9th-13th

A summary of the most popular and interesting media we came across this week:

“Do you want to be owned by your husband? Do you want your money from your job to go into his bank account? If you were raped, do you still want that to be a crime? Congratulations: you are a feminist.”

In our most popular Facebook link of the week, British author Caitlin Moran talks to NYTimes columnist Sarah Lyall about her hit book, How to Be A Woman.

Who’s the most feminist Disney Princess? The least? See where your favorite princess ranks on Nerve.com’s list!

“When I’m assertive, I’m a bitch. When a man’s assertive, he’s a boss.”

Rapper Nicki Minaj expresses her frustration with sexism in the hip hop industry and the struggle she’s faced in her career.

This tumblr blog post recounts and denounces comedian Daniel Tosh’s offensive rape joke at a recent show at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Check out Miss Rep’s response here.

Watch 14 year old YouTube blogger Sarah speak out against slut shaming and why its wrong “at any age.”

Parts 2, 3 and 4 of Caroline Heldman’s series on sexual objectification consider the consequences of sexual objectification in society and ways that we can stop the objectification culture.

Melissa Fabello explores how the media impacts male body image