Weekly Round-Up: July 2nd-6th

One of the huge benefits of having such an active and engaged Facebook community at MissRepresentation.org is the amount of great content that is shared with us daily.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best articles and links we came across this week:

Amy Poehler’s webseries, “Smart Girls at the Party,” interviews real girls who are changing the world by being themselves. In this episode, 7 year old, Ruby Karp, who has already met Gloria Steinem, talks about why she is a feminist.

At the NYTimes, Natalie Kitroeff ponders womens’ lack of influence on social media and digital punditry, despite being the ‘biggest and most engaged’ demographic using social media.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi weighs in on how the American political system is laden with sexist sentiments, and how increasing the numbers of women in politics is curbed by a political playing field that relies on “money, money, money.”

Brave, beautiful women of different shapes and sizes candidly talk about why they love their bodies.

As a result of the “Keep it Real” Challenge, Seventeen Magazine has committed to stop altering the images of their models!

In the first of a four part series at Ms. Magazine, Caroline Heldman, a professor at Occidental College, defines and presents various criteria for sexual objectification in the media.

Cari Guittard, a professor of Global Management at USC, discusses the importance of putting more women in leadership positions for diplomacy and global careers.