WATCH: We Need More People in the NFL To #BeAModelMan

The NFL season officially starts today with a rematch between Super Bowl 50 opponents, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. To get ready for the game, we’re calling on every fan, player, coach, journalist, and team owner from Pop Warner through the NFL to #BeAModelMan.

Let us join those who are already sparking meaningful dialogue and change. As an example, we commend Travis Rudolph, a star football player at Florida State University, who charmed the internet by sitting with a boy eating lunch alone. We need more athletes and role models like him.


Please help us continue the conversation about eliminating restrictive stereotypes and supporting healthy examples of masculinity – watch and share the “Why We Need Every Man to #BeAModelMan” video above. Together, we’ll help the next generation of boys and young men value empathy, care, and compassion over violence, aggression, dominance, and control.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team


Representation Around the Web

“Barcelona’s Under 12 team won the Junior Soccer World Challenge tournament by beating Japan 1-0. After defeating their Japanese opponents, the Spanish team personally comforted each member of the Japanese team, many of whom were crying.” – NowThis

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“Hacking and harassment of Leslie Jones proves once again that just existing as a black woman online is enough to draw hatred.”
– Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Image via Miss Representation Instagram