The US Spends More on Military than Any Other Country. Does that Reflect Your Values?

The Senate just voted to open a debate on stripping healthcare from more than a projected 15 million Americans. Last week, the House revealed their budget plan for 2018. The US already spends far more money on the military than any other country in the world, but this budget gives even more resources to defense while cutting education and healthcare.

The House’s proposal is a clear reflection of our country’s hyper-masculine value system where our government prizes military, dominance, and power over empathy, care, and collaboration. In fact, despite $929 billion in increased spending, the House’s plan cuts programs that promote values society has feminized (such as education, nurturing, and caregiving), reducing essential services such as early childhood education, food stamps, and children’s health insurance.

We must speak up and let our representatives know that this budget does not reflect our values. Together, we can fight for a government that rejects destructive norms and instead advocates for the health and well-being of our society.

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team