This Summer Remember Self-Care Is Essential

Modern living can be such a jolt to the nervous system. So many of us are moving too fast, as if we’ve lost touch with our normal human rhythms, and all that used to be. Today, the very pace of life seems to wreak havoc on so many of our nervous systems. How many Americans do you know who are on edge and at wit’s end? Our inability to even think is tearing so many apart at their core.

For this reason, summer comes at such an opportune time. Things slow down just enough that we can hopefully catch our breath, reflect, and reimagine. I have never been really great at relaxing and slowing down, but the fuller life becomes, the more critical it is that I slow down enough to care for myself. I call this “putting my oxygen mask on first.” That means, giving myself the time or mini breaks outside of the kids, my work, my husband’s work, and my next film to practice self-care. This can take many forms: reading a really good book, meditating daily, a day at the lake or beach, a hike and picnic in nature, or a night or weekend away. And the upside is tremendous, especially if you practice this self-care regularly.

So when was the last time you put your “oxygen mask on first”? And, what are you doing this summer to take care of yourself regularly? That’s why this week, we invite you to try a five-minute beginner’s meditation exercise from our friends at the Sonima Foundation to help calm the mind and begin a practice of self-love and self-care. Remember, we can’t take great care of others if we haven’t taken care of ourselves.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team