The (Not So) Golden Globes Need Better Representation

Screenshot of tweet from Rebecca Keegan. The tweet says: Siri show me the different expectations for male and female presentation in Hollywood. The tweet includes two pictures: an actress in a gown and an actor in a tie-dye hoodie.

Last Sunday kicked off what looks like yet another controversial award season for Hollywood. While the Golden Globes had a few historic firsts, the award show still brought on a flurry of criticism—as many pointed out a number of snubs from creators of color, an odd “foreign” film categorization, and the complete absence of Black HFPA members (for the last 20 years)!

10 years ago, Miss Representation asked society to think critically about the media we consume and the institutions that enforce bias. In 2021, the dialogue around this year’s Golden Globes proves that people are ready to have the tough conversations that will help us dismantle systemic discrimination. Read more for a few notable tweets around the contentious Golden Globes that show it’s time for change.

1. Rebecca Keegan, The Hollywood Reporter

2. Rashad Robinson, Color of Change

3. Time’s Up

4. Jose Antonio Vargas, Define American

5. Ava DuVernay, Film Director & Array Founder 

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