Supporters Submit Alternative Halloween Costume Ideas

by Imran Siddiquee

Last week we asked supporters to share with us (via Tumblr) their favorite Halloween costume ideas that didn’t involve hyper-sexualizing, stereotyping or demeaning girls (or boys for that matter).

Here are some of our favorite ideas thus far:

“My daughter is going as Hermione – who is one of her heroines because she is brave & one of the smartest characters in series (according to my daughter). She’s been to a couple Halloween themed parties already & I feel really proud seeing her talk to her friends about why Hermione is so awesome (not because she wears a glamorous outfit!).” – Rebecca

“The most positive Halloween costume that young girls and women can champion is Rosie the Riveter. She is by far an individual who exhibits strength and determination to get things done, no matter the situation and the cost that it entails.” – Catherine

Daria is a great costume for girls and women, especially the children of the 90’s and otherwise who loved the show! Intelligent, outspoken, sarcastic and witty, Daria is a great female heroine.” – Paige

“This sushi costume worn by Miranda Cosgrove in an iCarly episode is, by far, one of my favorite Halloween costumes for ladies and little ladies alike.” – Janice

“Dressing as a scientist or perhaps a specific scientist like Albert Einstein or Marie Curie. Dressing as a geek or nerd (but not in a derogatory way). Dressing as a feminist!” – FearlessFeminism

Submit your own costume idea via Tumblr or just post a comment below!