This Super Bowl, Diversity and Inclusion Won

Online activism works. This year’s Super Bowl advertisements were filled with important and heartwarming messages like supporting paid family leave and celebrating diversity across America. Compare that to just four years ago when nearly every ad featured a limiting and often harmful message about women, telling us that our value lies solely in our youth, beauty, and sexuality. Remember Carl’s Jr. anyone?

This dramatic shift didn’t happen on its own – consumers have made their voices heard at the Super Bowl and throughout the past four years with our #NotBuyingIt campaign. As a result, advertisers, media outlets, and brands are listening, ensuring a Super Bowl full of inclusive ads that uplift our culture, rather than demean it.

Check out some more of our favorite Super Bowl moments and share the progress we’ve made with your family and friends. Together, let’s continue to call for better representation in our advertising, marketing, and merchandising and hold brands accountable for the messages and values they promote.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

Donald Trump Said, “Nobody Has More Respect for Women Than I Do.” Time To Prove It.

Last week, we asked you to sign a petition calling on President Trump to respect women’s rights and #BeAModelMan. Currently, we have over 1,200 signatures and counting. This week, share the petition and pressure Donald Trump to respect women and girls’ rights.

Representation Around the Web

“Russia’s parliament voted 380-3 on Friday to decriminalize domestic violence in cases where it does not cause ‘substantial bodily harm’ and does not occur more than once a year. The bill now goes to the rubber-stamp upper chamber, where no opposition is expected. It then must be signed by President Vladimir Putin, who has signaled his support.” – USA TODAY

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Celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth by paying tribute to those who have fought and paved the way for equality (and for those who will continue the fight, thanks future @Beyonce twins). Via @janetmock
Image via Miss Representation‘s Instagram