Stage Four Cancer Didn’t Keep Senator Mazie Hirono from Tuesday’s Health Care Vote

Did you know Senator McCain wasn’t the only one who returned amidst a cancer battle to cast a vote on health care? On Tuesday, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), who was diagnosed with stage-four kidney cancer just three weeks ago, interrupted her recovery to vote “no” on the motion to proceed. For her and millions like her, the fight for Affordable Care Act (ACA) is personal:

“I’m glad that we caught my cancer early enough before it went to other parts of my body and that I could concentrate, because I had insurance, on appropriate care as opposed to worrying about how the heck I’m going to pay for the care that I needed to save my life…That’s what a lot of people will be up against if we repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

After Vice President Pence broke the tie and the Senate passed the motion to proceed, Senator Hirono reminded us all she’s here “for the long haul” to fight for the millions like her who are just “one diagnoses away from a major illness.” Now THAT deserves a standing ovation.

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