Spotting #Sexism2020

Over 130 women have made a run for the presidency in the U.S., and twelve women have made serious national bids, but barriers to a female presidency remain high. With an historic number of women running in the 2020 race, it’s especially important to call out anti-democratic gender bias in press coverage and public discourse. 

Here is a list of ten verified biases against women presidential candidates to watch out for this campaign season:

  1. People prefer male leaders over female leaders. 
  2. 13% of Americans are “angry or upset” at the idea of electing a woman president.
  3. People punish angry female leaders, but not angry male leaders.
  4. One-in-five Democratic and Independent voters think women are less effective in politics than men. 
  5. Voters see female presidential candidates as more flawed than male presidential candidates. 
  6. Female candidates receive less media coverage than male candidates. 
  7. Female candidates receive more negative media coverage than male candidates.
  8. Female candidates have to be likeable; a standard we don’t apply to male candidates.
  9. Men interrupt other candidates during debates, while women mostly wait their turn. 
  10. Once elected, female leaders are evaluated more harshly than male presidents. 

Take Action! Join our #Sexism2020 campaign and use this hashtag to call out overt and subtle sexism against women running for elected office from all parties.