Represent Your Fourth of July!

Be in our next film!

We want to know how you celebrate the Fourth of July. Are you decorating bikes and wagons for a local parade? Dressing up your dog in red, white and blue? Having a picnic or BBQ with family? Gathering with friends to watch the fireworks?

This coming Fourth of July, we’d be so grateful if you recorded a little video of your Fourth and shared it with us. We may include you in our next film!

Submit Your Video!


  1. Record up to 10 minutes of video on your phone or other camera.
  2. Fill out the submission form and read and agree to the video release waiver.

Suggestions of What to Capture

You, your family, and/or friends:

  • Singing “The National Anthem”
  • Walking to, watching, or marching in a parade
  • Cooking a special meal, setting a table, eating together
  • Watching fireworks, making s’mores, or lighting sparklers
  • Answering the following questions by finishing these sentences:
    • “I am an American and my dream for my country is…”
    • “I am an American and my dream for myself (or my family) is…”
    • “My country has helped/is helping me achieve my dream by…”

How to Shoot a Great Video

  • CRITICAL: If filming with a camera phone, always use two hands and hold the phone HORIZONTALLY, NOT VERTICALLY.
  • Take slow pans of events, starting at one point and moving slowly to another point and stopping.
  • When filming someone talking to you, keep them at least an arm’s length away.
  • Show your “point of view” by pointing the camera outward as you walk or ride in car.
  • “Selfie” videos of singing or talking about the Fourth are great too!
  • Whatever you do, have fun!

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Thank you and have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Submit Your Video!

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