Our Brand New Flipboard Magazine

The Representation Project is thrilled to announce the launch of our very first Flipboard magazine: “Gender in the Media.” The magazine, part of Flipboard’s “Big Ideas” section, will feature the latest and greatest content from our various social media outlets – focusing on the representation of gender in the media – all curated within Flipboard’s impressive smartphone and tablet PC apps.

We’re especially thrilled to have been selected for the “Big Ideas” section of the app. Here’s more on that, from the official Flipboard blog:

We’ve got a special place for people aspiring to make the world better: it’s called Big Ideas. This category, which debuted last year, celebrates innovation and the visionaries driving it. Their quests are as diverse as beating cancer, solving poverty, protecting nature, and inspiring the next generation to further today’s achievements…

Today, Big Ideas is excited to welcome a new crop of organizations working hard to make a difference. They’ve all created new Flipboard magazines around some key issues of our day: sustainability, access to healthcare and education, women’s issues, and more. You can browse these new additions by tapping on the covers below, or head over to the Big Ideas category in the Content Guide (it’s listed under Books) to explore a range of organizations, causes and magazines.

RepresentaionsBigIdeasCoverClick the image to begin reading!

Are you an avid user of Flipboard? Let us know what you think of our magazine in the comments below!