One Day at a Time: A Latinx Family Sitcom for a New Generation

One Day at a Time is #MediaWeLike because it dismantles stereotypes of Latinx women by portraying them in complex, multifaceted roles. This Netflix show follows a multigenerational Cuban American family living in Los Angeles. A modern twist on the 1975 television classic, the main character, Penelope, (Justina Machado) raises her children, Elena (Isabella Gomez) and Alex (Marcel Ruiz) as a single mother, with the help of her own mother, Lydia (Rita Moreno). The show defies stereotypes and delves into myriad “real world” issues, including women in the military, aging and sexuality, unequal pay, mansplaining, mental health, and colorism.

Gloria Calderon Kellett, the show’s co-creator, pulled from her own Cuban American upbringing as inspiration for the show’s storyline. Kellett explains, “I tend to hire women and people of color because I’m looking to correct the system that has been severely lacking for a long time. But I’m not hiring a woman because she’s a woman; I’m hiring a woman because she’s a badass and an amazing writer, and she hasn’t had the opportunities that some other people have.”

Kellett and co-creator, Mike Royce, defied the norm by hiring a writing team composed of half women, including two LGBTQ writers! This diverse representation behind the scenes has led to authentic character development and story arcs on screen.

Take Action: One Day at a Time breaks barriers for Latinx women. Check out seasons 1 – 3, now streaming on Netflix.