#NotBuyingIt Win: Sexual Predator Terry Richardson Banned From Top Magazines

Terry Richardson, like Harvey Weinstein, is another “open secret”. A prolific photographer, he has long faced sexual harassment and assault accusations. But today news broke that he will finally face consequences for his exploitative behavior.

Back in 2014, The Representation Project’s Imran Siddiquee wrote about how Richardson is “one of the most sought after photographers” despite allegations of his sexual predation:

We’ve been running an ongoing #NotBuyingIt campaign since:

As a photographer, he’s popularized blurring the line between pornography and fashion:

And several have come forward with stories of how he leveraged his power and influence in the industry to prey on them. Back in 2014 it came to a head with yet another model stepping forward, but nothing changed:

What’s different this time? After The New York Times’ Harvey Weinstein story broke the tides have turned: