Net Neutrality: Call Your Senators Today

Especially if you Live in WV, MI, NC. MT, LA, NE, or MA!

The internet is now open and accessible to all. For women—of all ages—it currently is our very best vehicle to inform our various and varied communities about our work, our advocacy, our actions against sexism in the media, racism in the media. And other issues as well. We all need to be active to protect it in this form, which is also known as Net Neutrality.

The US Senate at this very writing (10:00 AM PST Time, Wed Nov 9) is debating a proposed resolution of Disapproval on a Federal Communications Commission rule to keep the internet open and equally accessible to all. This debate will continue for 2 and a half more hours.

These senators are critical to call if you live in these states:

Manchin (WV — 202 224-3954
Stabenow (MI) — 202 224-4822
Hagan (NC )– 202 224-6342
Baucus (MT) — 202 224-2651
Landrieu (LA) – 202 224-5824
Nelson (NE) — 202 224-6551
Brown (MA) — 202 224-4543

Here’s a resource list of information for the resolution of disapproval. It includes a tool that allows you to find your Senators and stance on the issue as well as their phone number and a call script.

More information on the community of women lead media and other feminist media concerns can be found in Jennifer Pozner’s blog: Welcome to the Media Justice Movement or my article at Women’s Media Center: Changing the landscape with Women’s Media.

Ariel Dougherty, National Project Director, Media Equity Collaborative,