March 2024 in Feminist News

Photos of the "Godzilla Minus One" team and the 2024 Oscars and Iowa State basketball player Audi Crooks

“In Feminist News” is our new monthly blog series featuring a round-up of feminist news, pop culture, and content you might have missed. In March 2024: France enshrined abortion rights in its constitution; Jason Kelce retired; Kiyoko Shibuya and the Godzilla Minus One team made Oscars history; and more.

  • France enshrined abortion rights in its constitution. (AP News)
  • Self-managed abortion has become more common post-Dobbs. (CNN)
  • Many athletes cry when it’s over. Jason Kelce’s tears were different. (MSNBC)
  • Kiyoko Shibuya is the first woman of color to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and the film, Godzilla Minus One, is the first non-English language film to win in the category. (Instagram)
  • Abortion medication can now be sold in drugstores. (Vox)
  • Mercedes-Benz asked, “What if women didn’t have to be exceptional?” (Instagram)
  • Women are pioneers in the art of film editing. (NPR)
  • An investigation uncovered hundreds of law enforcement officers accused of sexually abusing children over the past two decades. (Washington Post)
  • Women and girls experience extreme exploitation in the sugar mills of western India. (New York Times)
  • Is “oldest daughter syndrome” backed by science? (CBS News)
  • Girls’ wrestling is the fastest growing high school sport in the United States. (AP News)
  • Madison Tevlin offers a suggestion: “Assume that I can. So maybe I will.” (Instagram)
  • The women’s tournament is the main draw for March Madness this year. (USA Today)
  • Iowa State’s Audi Crooks played an incredible game against Maryland. (ESPN)
  • Who is Linda Martell, the Black country musician Beyoncé spotlights on Cowboy Carter? (Washington Post)
  • For a new generation of American kids, a woman’s place is on the quarter. (19th News)

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