Join Us at the Second Annual #Disrupt The Narrative: Youth Leadership Summit

We are excited to announce our second annual #DisruptTheNarrative: Youth Leadership Summit on August 5th at Lucasfilm in San Francisco! This intensive, immersive experience will bring together 250 youth leaders who are eager to acquire the language and skills to lead on equality, ground their leadership practice in an understanding of their unique selves, and create a personal action plan to drive cultural change.

Does that sound like someone you know? This week, we’re asking you to nominate yourself, a young person in your life, a nonprofit, community leader, or youth activist who is committed to advancing equality to participate in the #DisruptTheNarrative: Youth Leadership Summit. Together, we can encourage and empower youth to grow their leadership skills, share their stories, and become up-standers that take action against social injustice.

In Solidarity,
Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team