Innovating to End Sexual Harassment

This past week, women’s stories from Silicon Valley, the country’s epicenter of innovation, have confirmed what we all knew and feared. While the tech world is on the edge of innovation, it is entrenched in a culture of sexism and inequality. The brave women who have come forward represent countless others who have faced discrimination, harassment, and assault, yet remained silent. This toxic culture must end. Whether in tech, government, sports, news, media, or entertainment, we must push for real change to promote a working environment in which we all can realize our dreams and fulfill our potential.

This week, we’re asking you to hold your workplace accountable and advance actual solutions to workplace discrimination. Check out this framework for dealing with sexual harassment from our friend and partner, Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign founder Meena Harris, to get started. Together, let’s challenge the status quo and create a healthier culture for all.

In Solidarity,
Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team