This Is Why I’m Attending The Women’s March On Washington

They say you can’t fix a problem you haven’t named. Well, in just a few days, someone who embodies our society’s problem with women is getting a new name: President.

Throughout the election cycle, Donald Trump made his disdain for women crystal clear. He said we should be punished for seeking health care. He called Hillary Clinton “disgusting” for the simple act of using the restroom and “nasty” when she disagreed with him in a debate. He even bragged about sexually assaulting women. And now he’s our president-elect.

Gavin and I have two daughters and two sons, and we have so many dreams for their futures. Growing up under President Trump was never one of them. So now more than ever, I want to make absolutely sure they grow up seeing strong women – and allies – take a stand against misogyny.

That’s why I’m attending the Women’s March on Washington the day after President-elect Trump is inaugurated. Whether you can attend the march in person or not, I want you to join us by adding your name to stand against President-elect Trump’s anti-women rhetoric:

Add your name right now to stand with me against President-elect Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric.

It’s true that bigotry doesn’t begin or end with Trump. But it’s also true that his bigotry is given unprecedented power and influence with the office of the President.

There are millions of women who know our worth can’t be taken away by any bully, not even one in the oval office. There are men like Gavin, who know that there is so much more to masculinity than belittling the feminine.

Now I’m calling on people like you, to say with us, loud and clear, that Trump and his sexism do not represent us. Your voice will help make the loudest statement possible!

Add your name to join me in opposing President-elect Trump’s anti-women ideas and policies.

When women march on Washington, we’ll all be facing the same direction: forward. I know that if we stick together, we can move our country that way, too.

In gratitude,

Jennifer Siebel Newsom