At the 2018 Golden Globes, We Finally Centered Women

With the sea change that occurred in 2017 around sexual discrimination in the workplace, it was more important than ever that Golden Globes red carpet reporters #AskHerMore. Whether celebrating the $15 million dollars raised for the #TimesUp legal defense fund, spotlighting activists including Tarana Burke and their work, or cheering on Oprah, a mogul, actress, activist, and survivor as she became the first Black women to receive the Cecil B. Demille award, the Golden Globes was a powerful reminder that “a new day is on the horizon.”

A week before the Golden Globes, news broke about the launch of Time’s Up campaign, a new initiative to “addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential.”

Then, the day before the Golden Globes @TaranaBurke announced that she and several other activists were joining members of the Time’s Up campaign on the red carpet to bring attention “to the most vulnerable women in the nation… and find solutions that ensure a future where all women and all people can live and work with dignity.”

We knew this award show was going to be about so much more than dresses, manicures, and purses:

The red carpet was a sea of black and finally reporters were asking women substantive questions and the focus was on their achievements and activism:

After the red carpet, Seth Meyers started his highly anticipated opening monologue by acknowledging the elephant in the room:

The acceptance speeches about representation, equality, and activism, were everything we’d hoped they’d be:

Particularly, Sterling K. Brown who delivered a touching speech about the importance of representation. He is the first African American man to win the Golden Globe for the best actor in a TV Series:

Even the presenters made a point of highlighting inequality in the industry:

However, the most surprising moment of the night was: men’s silence. Not a single male winner discussed sexual harassment and sexism:

The night ended with a stunning speech from @Oprah who spoke directly to young girls “I want all the girls here watching, that a new day is on the horizon.”

It’s up to us to continue this momentum and create a world that is just.