Former NFL Player Wade Davis on What It Means to “Be a Man”

Former NFL player Wade Davis recently said in a TEDx Talk, “masculinity is a performance…and the performance of masculinity never means freedom and self-love.” Wade is joined by male role models across industries who are challenging the limiting notion that to “Be a Man” means not having compassion for yourself and others. Because as The Mask You Live In illustrates, suppressing empathy and emotion can be harmful to our boys and young men, as well as society at large.

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That’s why in support of Mental Health Awareness month, we’re offering healthcare professionals 15% off The Mask You Live In screenings or workshops using the code “MASKMHA15”. Use the code yourself or share it with someone you know. Together, we can support our boys and young men in being their whole selves.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team

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Attorney General of the United State, Loretta Lynch, via The Representation Project Instagram