Facebook Weekly Roundup: November 4th-9th

This was a historic week for women in U.S. politics! Here are the most popular posts from our Facebook page over the last few days:

-In New Hampshire the Senators, Representatives and the Governor are now all women. This is a first for any state in American history! (Huffington Post)

-The Senate now has 20 female senators, and the House now has 77 female representatives – both record breaking numbers! Forbes is already predicting this as a signifier of an America ready for its first female president.

“We operate with this zero-sum mentality, which is, if women gain rights, men lose them. You see the same sort of idea that if people of color or ethnic minorities make gains, whites therefore lose something. So if men only understand their identity in relationship to being bigger than women, then it’s a trade-off. You see it in dozens of anti-suffrage postcards, showing men being hurt if women advance. Human beings seem to operate with this mentality where if you expand the rights of some, it diminishes the rights of others, instead of collectively expanding the rights of all of us as a people.”

-Professor Catherine H. Palczewski analyzed suffragette-era postcards and their relation to current politics in this article from Collector’s Weekly.

-Jess Bennett refreshes us on the history of women’s suffrage, such as the “Night of Terror” when 40 prison guards decided “to teach the suffragettes a lesson” and attacked them violently three years before women won the right to vote. Read more on her blog.

-A graphic from the ERA Education Project reflects what happened on election day: