Facebook Weekly Roundup: November 26th-30th

Here are the highlights from our Facebook coverage this week:

-“The decision to swap all the genders in its Swedish toy catalogue marks a pretty significant shift for Top Toy, which was called out by a Swedish advertising watchdog for foisting outdated gender roles on boys and girls back in 2008. That same year, Sweden made a national push to promote gender equality in schools, spending some 110 million Swedish crowns ($16.3 million) in an effort that included the introduction of laws requiring teachers to actively help reverse gender stereotypes.” – Jezebel

-Fox News publishes a sexist article titled “The war on men” that claims that because of feminism, “Women aren’t women anymore.”

-Seventeen Magazine has an online BMI calculator that categorizes medically underweight BMIs as healthy. (Jezebel)

-“A coalition of women’s groups has called for the issue of sexism in the media to be taken on by a new regulatory body…The coalition will on Sunday send a letter to David Cameron demanding that new press regulation contain clear guidance about women’s equality and sexually explicit material. “If our press culture remains one in which women are either invisible or semi-naked, stereotyped or vilified, our society and our democracy suffers,” the letter says.” – The Guardian