Facebook Weekly Roundup: March 18th -29th

Here are the most popular posts from our Facebook page over the past two weeks:

“The truth is that I am someone’s wife. I am also someone’s mother. I am someone’s daughter, and someone’s sister. But those are not the things that define me, or make me valuable in this world. Those are not the reasons that I should be able to live a life free from rape, sexual assault or any kind of violent crime. I have value because I am a person. Full stop. End of argument.” – The Belle Jar thinks the “wives, sisters, daughters” argument does more harm than good

-Both HelloGiggles and The Huffington Post wrote insightful articles about the perpetuation of rape culture by CNN and other news networks covering the Steubenville Rape Case. Meanwhile, Soraya Chemaly offers some tips on how we can all contribute to ending rape culture.

-Malala Yousafzai returned to school on the 19th, saying “They cannot stop me.” (Upworthy)

Jezebel covers the gendering of anti-depressant commercials, most often target to women.

Upworthy highlights an anti-rape campaign that avoided victim blaming, from Canada.

-After enormous public outcry, Ford Motor Company has apologized for ads which depicted women tied up and gagged in the trunk of a new Ford Figo. The company says the ads were not approved before the ad agency JWT India made them public.

-“Ever wonder why men sabotage each other in the work place? Or if men can really “have it all,” with fulfilling work AND home lives? No, of course not…And that’s the point of the #EdgyHeadlines hashtag on Twitter – to show just how misguided those questions (about women) really are.” – Media Bistro discusses #EdgyHeadlines trending on Twitter

Upworthy spotlighted “Pretty,” a poem by Katie Makkai: