Facebook Weekly Roundup: January 7th – 11th

Check out our top media coverage from Facebook this week:

-“We’re already reaping the benefits of not letting Steubenville go. When’s the last time a city and police force felt it necessary to launch a extensive fact-based website? Thanks to internet vigilantes and social media, cops are under increasing pressure to take rape accusations seriously and be transparent about their decisions.” – Jezebel

-This video is one man’s take on how to prevent a case like Steubenville from happening again. (Upworthy)

-MAC cosmetics runs an ad that promotes muscular female beauty. (Blisstree)

-“Stay-at-home dads have gotten a lot of airtime in the last few years, making it easy to assume that when straight women become breadwinners, their male partners pick up the slack at home. But new research shows that at least for working-class couples, that isn’t really the case — even when women make more money, men still leave the majority of housework to them.” – BuzzFeed Shift

-Congress announced they will hold a hearing on sexual assault in the military. (Reuters)

-Male jurors are more likely to find fat women guilty. (Slate)