Facebook Weekly Roundup: January 22nd – January 25th

Here’s the highlights of our Facebook coverage from the past week:

-“I’d like you to imagine a world where women are valued for what they say and what they do, rather than the way they look.” – Dr. Caroline Heldman breaks down “the sexy lie” via TED

-“Doing femininity doesn’t mean obeying a single, simple rule. Instead, it’s about occupying and traveling within a certain space. In this case, usually between “proper” and “flirty.” Women have to constantly figure out where in that space they’re supposed to be. Too flirty at work mean’s you won’t be taken seriously; too proper at the bar and you’re invisible…There is a significant price to pay for getting it wrong. It’s not just a faux pas. Once you’re “‘asking for it,” you could be a target. And, once you’re reached “prudish,” you’ve become socially irrelevant. Both violence and social marginalization are serious consequences.” – The Sociological Cinema

-Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced a new version of the Violence Against Women Act this week (Salon)

-The New York Post runs a blatantly sexist cover regarding Hillary Clinton’s recent senate hearing. (Think Progress)

-“Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta is lifting the military’s ban on women in combat, which will open up hundreds of thousands of additional front-line jobs to them, senior defense officials said on Wednesday.” – NYTimes