Facebook Weekly Roundup: February 24th – March 1st

Here are the highlights from our media coverage this week:

“Society needs to establish a zero tolerance for sexual violence. Instead of saying, ‘don’t get raped,’ which shifts the responsibility onto a potential victim, the message should be ‘don’t rape’ and focus on holding perpetrators accountable.” – Tracy Cox, communications director of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, via CNN

-Congress finally reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act.

“We don’t need another group of people telling us how we should change our bodies” – A 17-year-old questions Seventeen Magazine‘s collaboration with NBC’s The Biggest Loser, which she believes conflicts with their “Body Peace Pledge” (via SPARK Summit)

-In Oscars news, The Atlantic covers why Seth MacFarlane’s sexist jokes as host deserve our attention, and the Onion apologizes for their tasteless tweet about 9-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis.

The Washington Post covered the premiere of the documentary “Makers,” writing, “For activists of a certain age, “Makers” is a sentimental journey back to the days of big ideas, big dreams, big hair and big glasses. For GenX and Millennial women who still may not know that single “girls” of yesteryear could not get credit cards, birth control or even an apartment lease, “Makers” is a crash course in, pardon the expression, herstory.”