Facebook Weekly Roundup: December 10th – December 14th

Here are the highlights from our Facebook coverage this week:

-Our own Wendi Gilbert reflects on the tragedy in Newtown.

-The world’s first computer programer, Ada Lovelace, was honored by Google on Monday. (Huffington Post)

-“The publisher George Palmer Putnam proposed to Amelia Earhart six times before she agreed to marry him,” Slate magazine writes, and even then it was with a prenup: she would not be faithful not did she expect him to be, she would not quit flying, and she could not promise forever if they were not happy.

Slate writes about the increasing number of gender-neutral kids for toys, while UltraViolet proposes their own Holiday Gift List of suggestions for gifts for young girls.

-“When Anita Sarkeesian announced plans to do a video series exploring the portrayal of women in video games, she became the victim of a massive online attack choreographed by members of the gaming community who cast her as the “villain” in their online “game” to ruin her life. It did not go well for them. But for Anita, things ended up going very well indeed.” – Upworthy highlights the inspiring TED talk from the Feminist Frequency founder.