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rape cul-ture


a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault or abuse

#EndRape. PSA

Rape myths prevent survivors from getting justice. The Representation Project and Voices In Action have launched a PSA featuring Laura Dern, Ashley Judd, and other luminaries that exposes common rape myths. Watch here:

#EndRape. Expert Interview Series

In our End Rape video series, we talk with experts in sexual violence prevention and awareness. Watch our powerful conversations here:

Stopping Sexual Violence

“There is a lot of research, what we need is more action.”

Michele Dauber

Dr. Earl Smith banner

Sexual Violence in Sports

“If it is taking place in the larger society, it is also taking place in sports.”

Dr. Earl Smith

Angela Rose Expert Interview Series

From Trauma to Activism

“We have to look at this from a lens of intersectionality.”

Angela Rose

Dr. Crystal Feimster Expert Interview Series

Black Women’s Anti-Rape Campaigns

“Sexual violence functions as a way to keep all women silent.”

Dr. Crystal Feimster

Lenora Claire Expert Interview Series

Everything You Need to Know About Stalking

“So often when you’re being stalked, it starts to infiltrate all parts of your life whether it’s the personal life [or] your work life.”

Lenora Claire

Dr. Tricia Lin Expert Interview Series

The Cultural Context of Sexual Violence

“Heteropatriarchy and misogyny work hand in hand in creating a culture that is violent to women and girls at all levels.”

Dr. Tricia Lin

Kenyora Lenair Parham Expert Interview

End Rape on Campus

“We’re trying to help student survivors of sexual assault really band together and support one another.”

Kenyora Lenair Parham

Dr. Bill Flack Expert Interview Series

Sexual Violence and Trauma

“We need to be teaching young boys and girls that gender should not be a matter of power inequities.”

Dr. Bill Flack

Dr. David Lisak Expert Interview Series

Biology, Ideology, and Sexual Violence

“Many sexual predators do not target a specific age group or gender or sex. They go after vulnerable people.”

Dr. David Lisak

Survivor Activists Changing The World

“We need to be teaching young boys and girls that gender should not be a matter of power inequities.”

Jessica Barth, Lili Bernard & Dr. Patricia Esparza

Men and Sexual Violence

“If men care about men, if they care about themselves, if they care about young men and boys–they should get on board with [feminism].”

Dr. Jackson Katz

Dr. Jennifer Freyd Expert Interview Series

Rape and Institutional Betrayal

“Institutional betrayal is a terrible problem, but it is one of the more fixable problems in our world.”

Dr. Jennifer Freyd

Dr. Alissa Ackerman Expert Interview Series

Rape and Restorative Justice

“Restorative justice centers the survivor and the harm they have experienced so it can look like a lot of different things depending on what it is that the survivor wants.”

Dr. Alissa Ackerman

Jessica Pride Expert Interview Series

Survivor Justice

“I’m trying to turn my trauma into triumph and help someone else.”

Jessica Pride

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