Healthy comes in all sizes

Our #AllBodies campaign aims to bust fat myths and raise awareness about the social injustice of fatphobia (especially for women) and the fat tax on retail clothing.

Fatphobia and fat hatred are social justice issues pervading all areas of life–from the home to the workplace to the healthcare system and beyond. Media tropes and practices also contribute to this culture. How many films or television shows perpetuate fatphobic stereotypes like the “Fat Slob”? How many hire skinny performers in fat suits instead of just hiring fat or plus-sized performers?

#AllBodies are good bodies!

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Let’s Bust Some Myths About Fatness!
Fat Hatred Is A Social Justice Issue!


  • fat phobia: a form of bigotry and a form of discrimination
  • Body Positivity is about making this world safer for people in marginalized bodies.
  • 61% of fat adults face employment discrimination
  • Body / Fat shaming lowers exercise motivation


Our #AllBodies research report examines representations of fat women and girls in entertainment media. Few studies exist that analyze women of size in entertainment media, and what little research has been done typically analyzes women and fat people separately. This study is path breaking in that it is the first quantitative study of fat women’s representations in entertainment media over time. We analyze leading, supporting, and minor fat women characters in the most popular films and television shows of the last decade. We employ an intersectional approach to analyze how representations of fat women vary by race, age, disability status, and sexuality.

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