From Burkinis to Dress Codes: Why Are We Still Fixated On What Women Wear?

This past week, a photo of French police officers forcing a woman to change her burkini swimwear went viral. Here in the United States, school administrators are busy telling girls to change how they dress so they are not a “distraction” to their male peers. And across the globe, women who have been sexually assaulted are still judged based on what they wore.

For too long, women’s clothing has been a target of social, political, and religious debates, instead of a means of self expression. Women and girls deserve the right to control their own bodies and how they present them.

That’s why this week, we encourage you to read this article and discuss around your dinner table why we are still fixated on what women wear. Together, we’ll ensure that women and girls have agency in their own skin and ownership over their own bodies.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team


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