How to Better Celebrate Katie Ledekey, Simone Manuel, and Gabby Douglas – #AskHerMore

As the Olympics close this week, it is clear we still have to raise our voices and challenge sexist narratives in sports and beyond. We’ve heard way too many comments about how women athletes look, who they’re married to, and whether they’re smiling enough.

On the balance beam, the red carpet, and the campaign trail, we must work together to hold media and each other accountable, challenging everyone to #AskHerMore. That’s why this week, we are asking you to join us by hosting a Miss Representation house party to ignite change in your community. Together, we’ll grow the movement of those standing up and demanding equal representation of all.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The Representation Project Team


Representation Around the Web

“NBC was again accused of sexism during its coverage of women’s gymnastics on Sunday, when an as yet unidentified commentator said Team USA members looked like they ‘might as well be standing in the middle of a mall’ after they were caught on camera laughing and talking following their utter annihilation of the competition during the qualifying round. NBC has not commented on that incident, which came just days after a study by the Cambridge University Press found that in the media’s coverage of sports, men were three times more likely to be mentioned in a sporting context than women — who, meanwhile, were routinely described with regards to non-sporting issues, such as their age, marital status and appearance.” “The Huffington Post

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George M. Johnson tweets about Simone Manuel’s historic win
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