5 Ways to Participate in Denim Day

Person in blue jeans.

On Wednesday, you may want to switch out of your quarantine comfy clothes and into your favorite pair of jeans. April 29th marks Denim Day, a day organized by Peace Over Violence that aims to show solidarity to victims of sexual assault and correct harmful attitudes that contribute to rape culture. Inspired by an injustice nearly 30 years ago, Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape sentence—arguing that the 18-year-old victim’s jeans were too tight to be taken off without her help—therefore, the assault was consensual. In a show of support, women of the Italian Parliament took to work in their jeans, eventually inspiring the Denim Day we now recognize.

Every year, it’s typical to find a Denim Day event aimed at raising awareness—whether at school, work, or in your community. COVID-19 has canceled in-person organizing opportunities but that doesn’t mean the movement can’t go on. Here are five easy ways you can still recognize Denim Day while social distancing.

  1. Make a Fashion Statement

We may not have an opportunity to sport our denim on campus or in the office, but you can share your support with the World Wide Web. A method of activism that you participate in from the comfort of your own home, you can take a pic in your denim and post on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DenimDay!

  1. Do Some Sidewalk Activism

Chalk isn’t just for the playground anymore. Grab a stick and make the sideway your protest sign by encouraging your community to take a stand against rape culture. With erroneous attitudes about assault and consent so prevalent in today’s culture, you can set the record straight and challenge the toxic norm. Need some ideas on what to write? Letting your community know you stand by survivors on Denim Day is a good place to start.

  1. Join the Rally

Taking to the pavement is out this year—but you can still be a part of something big. In collaboration with Peace Over Violence, Denim Day NYC will be hosting a bicoastal Survivor Virtual Rally jam-packed with special guests, including activists of the cause Maya Jupiter, Aloe Blacc, and Patti Giggans, along with survivors from the movement. You can tune in live on Wednesday, April 29th at 2PM PST / 5PM EST at their Youtube channel.

  1. Donate

A donation to the Peace Over Violence would help provide “access for survivors to free counseling, hospital accompaniment, support groups, legal services, and the 24-hour help-line.” If you’re looking to make a financial show of support on Denim Day, you can visit Peace Over Violence’s website HERE and help make these important resources accessible to everyone.

  1. Keep the Conversation Going

Being an activist against assault certainly doesn’t have to end after Denim Day. When you hear victim-blaming or inaccuracies regarding consent—call them out. Conversations around the topic can be difficult. If you need help broaching the subject, Denim Day NYC offers useful tips on how to be supportive of survivors and how to thoughtfully share your opinion on the topic.

Take Action! Use one of these five actions to take part in Denim Day and register your support to be counted as one of the thousands who participated!