12 Other Reasons Women Might Have Watched ‘Neighbors’

The critics over at The Wrap really understand why women watch movies… for the emotions and babies, obviously! Surprised by the fact that 53% of Neighbors‘ opening weekend audience was women (side note: the majority of all audience members are women), they – along with the Hollywood folks they interviewed – theorized that women must be going to see this movie because it features a baby and has “heart.”

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t resonate with my belief that women are – you know – dynamic and complex individuals. Instead, their comments play into limiting and harmful stereotypes of women. So, just in case you or The Wrap were wondering:

An Unofficial List of Why a Woman Could Have Possibly Wanted to Watch Neighbors

1. She likes Seth Rogen, from Knocked Up, or any of the other wildly successful movies he’s made
2. She likes Rose Byrne since discovering her comedic brilliance in Bridesmaids





3. She likes any of the other actors in the movie
4. She likes the writers, Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, and their previous work: 40 Year Old Virgin
5. She’s a major Trick Daddy fan
6. She wants to know what all the hype is about, considering it pulled in $51 million opening weekend and surpassed Spiderman 2 for the number one spot

"Come at me, Spiderman."
“Come at me, Spiderman.”

7. She wants to laugh at frat culture instead of cry out in anger because of it
8. She’s pretty sure it’s going to be misogynistic and she wants to “hate-watch” it
9. She identifies with the struggle of having a bad neighbor
10. She enjoys laughing at college bureaucracy
11. Animal House is one of her favorite movies
12. She likes a good prank war


Can you think of other reasons why a woman would go see a film? Leave it in the comments below!

Final fun fact – Based on the trailer this movie scores a “D” on The Representation Test. But I’m choosing #12, and going to see it. I’ll report back with an updated score!