Weekly Roundup: July 23rd-27th

Check out some of the interesting media we came across last week:

“The United States is emphasizing gender equality because women need and deserve a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.” – Hillary Clinton, from the 2012 International AIDS Conference.

Read more from Hillary here.

As the world watches the 30th Olympiad, USA Today reports that “nearly all [of] the 205 nations marching into Friday’s opening ceremony will have at least one woman competing.”

17 year old Brittany Wenger, winner of the annual Google Science Fair, creates “a neural network that can diagnose breast cancer with 99.11% accuracy.”

Author Jessica Valenti speaks out about the case of 17 year old Savannah Dietrich, a rape victim who faced potential criminal charges for naming her assailants.

“What’s going on in the minds of women? Have we become so vigilant about how we look in general — and our aging appearance specifically — that we’ve lost sight of the fact that we’re all in this together? Do we question and critique others because of our own fears and ambivalence about how we will deal as our looks change?” – Psychologist Vivian Diller

Diller explored these questions in a Huffington Post blog last week.

Writer Meghan Lewis discusses the “tricky” business of feminism in 2012.