The Mask You Live In Awards




“From watching [The Mask You Live In], I realized that my experiences as a young man were not unique. Men are just told never to talk about their feelings.”

Stephen Lopez, Student, Cal State San Marcos

“‘The Mask You Live In’” changed my life. [It] is the first documentary I’ve seen that is not only for me, but about me.”  —25-Year-Old Male, Sundance Film Festival

“To eradicate male violence toward women, we’ve got to raise up a healthier generation of boys that become men, that learn how to be emotionally connected and. . .respect other human beings.” —Joe Ehrmann, Founder, Coach for America / House of Ruth Screening with the Baltimore Ravens 2015 Rookie Class

“The impact of our alumni screening was beyond what we anticipated. “The Mask You Live In” appealed to the diverse demographics of our alumni population. Attendees of the screening were intellectually and emotionally moved by the topic. The conversation that followed the screening brought the issues of the film right into our community. In fact, our panel discussion could have continued well beyond an hour because of the interest sparked by the film. I would urge any community who cares about their young men and women, to bring this film to their community members.” —Fadia Desmond, Former President, Sacramento Stanford Association