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“In her third documentary ‘The Great American Lie,’ film director Jennifer Siebel Newsom explores the factors that may be widening the income gap between America’s rich and the poor. Newsom’s latest work shines a spotlight on America’s income inequality as we head further into the dark days of the pandemic.”

KRON 4 News, 3/3/21

“Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s ‘The Great American Lie’ [is] a documentary about how all sorts of income inequalities are tied to masculine ideals of money and power, and how qualities like cooperation and empathy are devalued to our national detriment.”

Arkansas Times, 9/3/20

“…the film really is the answer to the question that all of us are asking: How did we get here? It inspires a conversation about who we are and what we value, and it ultimately commits us to reimagining the American Dream.”

Mercury News, 9/30/20

“‘The Great American Lie”….is a kaleidoscopic look at economic inequality and its complex negative effects on the Bay Area and the nation.”

San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, 10/2/20

“The greatness of Newsom’s movie lies in its immense empathy and breadth of perspectives, but it’s also a brutally clear-eyed indictment of the system’s abuses and abusers – it’s a film of anger as well as hope and pragmatic proposals.”

Filmmaker Magazine, 10/2/20

“Burnt out educators, activists fighting for minimum wage in the restaurant industry, unemployed factory workers voting against their own best interests, single parents holding down four jobs to get by — Jennifer Siebel Newsom focuses on these people and more to expose “The Great American Lie” in her new documentary. The film looks at the wide — and growing — economic divide in the United States, and how it intersects with race, gender, education, politics, and more.”

Women and Hollywood, 10/2/20

“‘The Great American Lie’ is Newsom’s third documentary, and a continuation of her exploration of the ways gender values and norms impact American society. Newsom wants the film to inspire conversation around who and what are prioritized in America — and encourage a reimagining of the American Dream, one that isn’t rooted in hypermasculine value systems of power, money and individualism.”

Women’s Wear Daily, 10/2/20

“Over the past decade, documentary filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom has focused her attention on stories that examine American values and this time, she’s taking a look at the American Dream.”

On Air with Ryan Seacrest, 10/1/20

“Vertical Entertainment has picked up the documentary The Great American Lie from Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and advocate Jennifer Siebel Newsom.”

Deadline, 8/27/20