The Great American Lie Awards




“AMAZING WORK!! The Great American Lie is a great film, and it is the PERFECT time for it. This film can change hearts and minds and really enlighten people.”

—Scott Budnick, Film Producer, Just Mercy

The Great American Lie adds new layers to the inequality discussion, new layers about gender, and about kids who grow up seeing so much pain and poverty. The film ends on a positive message that encourages engagement—just right.” —Elizabeth Warren, United States Senator

“Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom has once again created a documentary that is destined to become an instant classic that will be talked about and referenced for decades to come. The Great American Lie is a must-see for everyone eager to make sense of the ever-widening income gap that is currently threatening the fabric of our democracy. This film, like Jennifer’s earlier films, Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In— is ahead of its time in excavating issues that will soon dominate the zeitgeist. Via powerful storytelling and searing interviews, The Great American Lie is a cinematic tour de force that gets to the core of questions which haunt all Americans.” —Amy Ziering, Film Producer,  The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground, On The Record

“The stories in The Great American Lie were so powerful and moving…this is such an important message you are sharing and so thoughtfully and intelligently executed… I hope that the film reaches a very wide audience.” —Kristen Connolly Vadas, TV/Film Producer/Writer

“Extraordinary. Extraordinary. Extraordinary. I admire your artistry and the gift you have given us with The Great American Lie. I cannot wait for everyone to see this. You will change so many lives. I want to show this film to everyone I know.” —Jayme Lemons, Producer