Timeline: TRP Milestones



2011: Miss Representation organization founded

October 11, 2013: Name changed to The Representation Project


2007: Jennifer Siebel Newsom starts production of Miss Representation

January 22, 2011: Premiere of Miss Representation at the 27th Annual Sundance Film Festival

October 20, 2011: Miss Representation premiered on the OWN Network 

January 25, 2015: Premiere of The Mask You Live In at the 31st Annual  Sundance Film Festival

August 11, 2016: The Mask You Live In Screening at San Quentin Prison, hosted by the Insight Prison Project—featured subjects in the film 

April 15, 2019: Premiere of The Great American Lie at the 62nd San Francisco International Film Festival

October 2, 2020: The Great American Lie launched on streaming


Summer 2011: Launch of Miss Representation educational curriculum

January 2015: Launch of The Mask You Live In educational curriculum

August 15, 2015: Launch of the Global Youth Advisory Council

August 6, 2016: Hosted the Global Youth Leadership Summit

Summer 2017: Created the Youth Media Lab

August 5, 2017: 2nd Annual Global Youth Leadership Summit

October 6, 2018: 3rd Annual Youth Media Summit

June 3, 2019: Launch of Youth Media Academy in Oakland and Los Angeles

August, 2019: Launch of The Great American Lie educational curriculum

October 5, 2019: 4th Annual Youth Media Summit

June 15, 2020: Youth Media Academy held virtually


December 2018: Published the first comprehensive The Representation Project Impact Report

June 2019: Published the first annual Youth Media Academy Impact Report

December 2019: Published the 2nd annual The Representation Project Impact Report

June 2020: Published the 2nd annual Youth Media Academy Impact Report

April 25, 2021: Published the 1st annual Oscars Report measuring intersectional gender representations in Best Picture Winners

May 29, 2021: Hosted the 5th Annual State of Media Summit in partnership with CIME and Provincetown Film Institute

May 27, 2021: Released the 1st annual State of Media Report – the most comprehensive assessment in films, television, video games, ads and music

Campaigns & Activism:

December 2011: Launched #NotBuyingIt to call out sexist and degrading advertisements and products during the holiday shopping season

January 2012: Revolutionized 2012 Super Bowl ads using the #NotBuyingIt hashtag campaign

February 2014: Launched #AskHerMore at the Academy Awards in partnership with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, ELLE, and Upworthy that revolutionized sexism on the red carpet

February 2016: Launched #BeAModelMan during Super Bowl 50 in partnership with Futures Without Violence, Promundo, and Obscura Digital

July 19, 2016: Launched #RepresentHer to encourage women’s leadership at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

October 2017: Teamed up with Justin Baldoni’s #ManEnough campaign to promote healthy masculinity

January 21, 2017: The Representation Project marches in the 1st Annual Women’s March in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA

February 2018: Launched the #AskMoreOfHim campaign at The Academy Awards in partnership with #TimesUp

October 2, 2020: Launched the #CareForEquality campaign with the streaming release of The Great American Lie

February 2021: Teamed up with One Fair Wage to launch #RaiseTheWage

May 2021: Teamed up with CareForce the Marshall Plan for Moms Campaign