The Great American Lie Screening License


The Great American Lie Screening License


The Representation Project harnesses the power of film and media the make cultural change. Community organizations, conferences, government agencies, and corporations around the world are using The Great American Lie to spark critical conversations around the roots and solutions to economic inequality and social immobility. Use the film to enhance the important work your organization is already doing.


Interested in screening our films in your local community? As a community organization or government agency, you can screen our films and guide meaningful discussions around how inequalities in gendered values are contributing to economic inequality and social immobility. Screening fees start at $450 for in-person events and increase according to the number of tickets for virtual events.


Work at a company or hosting an event where you’d like to expose co-workers,  corporate leadership, and attendees to our films? The Representation Project partners with companies all over the world to host screenings of our films and help guide meaningful conversations around inequality.

Corporations across the country are using our films to re-examine their corporate culture, discuss conscious capitalism, redefine the conversation around inclusion, and foster authentic leadership. Our powerful and thought-provoking films provide companies with a unique, informative, and inspiring experience for their employees, clients, and the community at large. Screening fees start at $1,500 for in-person events and increase according to the number of tickets for virtual events.

Contact us for a custom quote on a larger event not listed below or with any questions about ordering a license.




  • Nonprofits, government agencies, community organizations, professional associations, and film festivals booking a screening at a local venue
  • Corporations booking an internal screening for employees
  • Conferences planners booking a film screening for attendees


The screening package will help you promote your event, create an engaging conversation following the screening, and facilitate ongoing community engagement.


  • One-time screening rights to host a screening in your community, at your conference or festival, or at your company.
  • An online streaming link for your in-person screening (Physical media available as an add-on purchase and subject to additional shipping charges)
  • Screening toolkit and discussion guide offering best practices, tips for success, and more
  • Film images and logo for event promotion


  • We use Eventive, a secure streaming platform with superior digital rights management for content owners, to host virtual film screenings.
  • To watch the film on Eventive and for our content protection, your attendees will need to create an account (email and password only). They may opt out of receiving future communications from The Representation Project. We will not use the information provided by your attendees without their permission.
  • Virtual screenings can be set up in two ways:
    • On-Demand Film Window: typically a one-week window where your attendees can watch the film at their convenience. Starting, stopping, and rewatching are all available during the film window.
    • Realtime Live Broadcast: the film starts at a designated time on the day of your screening. All attendees must log in at the appointed time to co-view the film with other attendees. A live, unmoderated chat is enabled so that attendees can share reactions and comments during the film screening.
  • The Representation Project will provide attendee reporting for your event prior to and after the event upon written request. Contact us to request a report.
  • See a sample event page here. Screening hosts may provide The Representation Project with the following to customize their event page:
    • A three-minute video welcome message from your organization to auto-play before the film
    • A 650 x 500 display ad unit and URL to use on the event page.
  • Add-ons Available. Additional fees apply.
    • Live-stream Panel Discussion: The Representation Project can add on a live-streamed panel discussion to accompany your film screening. We can live-stream a Zoom panel that you coordinate to the same Eventive event page that the film screened in, meaning attendees only need to keep track of one event link/login.
    • Speakers: The Representation Project may be able to provide experts and subjects from the film to appear on your panel or to speak to your audience in an interview setting. Contact us to inquire about speaker availability.

Additional information

Organization Hosting

Nonprofit, Government, Conference, Corporation

Screening Type

In Person, Virtual

Number of Attendees

100, 250, 500, 1000