Miss Representation Whole School License


Miss Representation Whole School License



    • Order a whole school license for unlimited rights to use the film and curriculum campus-wide. Host screenings on your campus for parents, educators, students, and the community at large. All licenses allow free access to our curriculum materials and an updated fact sheet on what has profoundly changed in a decade!

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  • Each license is classroom, site or organization-specific.
  • The Miss Representation educational DVD includes the feature film (90 minutes) and supplemental education video clips (Curriculum videos segments average 5 minutes each).
  • The Miss Representation curriculum for K-5, middle and high school, college/university consists of a PDF with an eight-week curriculum including thirteen lesson plans for K-5 grade students, sixteen lessons for middle school, and twenty-one lessons for high school and post-secondary students. The curriculum should be used alongside the education video content on the DVD. Curriculum overview available for evaluation prior to purchase here.
  • A Miss Representation updated facts sheet is included as a downloadable PDF.
  • Public Performance Rights grant the license holder the rights to screen the film publicly at the single location or community organization listed in the license order. The film may not be used on other school campuses within a school district. Single classroom licenses do not include Public Performance Rights.
  • The Miss Representation DSL (Digital Site License) is delivered after purchase as a temporary file download. The film may be hosted on a secure, password-protected media server for view-only access by the institution’s authorized users. The film is not licensed for public streaming or any type of public broadcast.
  • Upgrade pricing is available for existing DVD licenses.
  • These educational licenses are perpetual and do not expire.
  • Replacement DVDs are available for purchase upon verification of an existing license.


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