#RespectHerGame Journals


#RespectHerGame Journals


These limited edition high-quality journals let you chart your own story, while you show your support for the stories of women athletes around the world! Eight covers to choose from or choose all eight! See options below.


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#RespectHerGame Journals (Eight covers to choose from or choose all eight!)

This sleek limited edition journal lets you chart your own story and compose your most groundbreaking ideas while showing your support for women athletes! Rep your feminist agenda in style with one of five stunning custom designs that are sure to inspire!

These beautiful, high quality journals were featured in our exclusive holiday gift packs, and sold out quickly– there are only a few left, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Limited edition #RespectHerGame notebook. Choose from eight specialized covers.


Click here to learn more about the #RespectHerGame campaign, which pushes against the disrespectful, sexist coverage of women’s sports! Research, expert conversations, and the bingo game you don’t want to win! 

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#RespectHerGame Notebook #1, #RespectHerGame Notebook #2, #RespectHerGame Notebook #3, #RespectHerGame Notebook #4, #RespectHerGame Notebook #5, #RespectHerGame Notebook #6, #RespectHerGame Notebook #7, #RespectHerGame Notebook #8


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