4-Pack Chapstick


4-Pack Chapstick


This limited-edition multi-flavor pack of The Rep Project chapsticks marks some of the extraordinary media campaigns that you’ve fought with us over the years, from #NotBuyingIt to #RespectHerGame!


4-Pack Chapstick

This limited edition 4-pack of The Rep Project chapstick comes with four unique designs, marking some of the extraordinary media campaigns that your passion and support made possible.

Click here to learn more about the #RespectHerGame campaign, which pushes against the disrespectful, sexist coverage of women’s sports! Research, expert conversations, and the bingo game you don’t want to win! 

Or here to learn about #AskHerMore, which calls out sexist reporting on the red carpet, and re-focuses the narrative on women’s achievements! Interview breakdowns, news reports, and a societal before-and-after that has to be seen to be believed!

And here to learn about #NotBuyingIt, a campaign against the sexist and demeaning depictions of women in advertising. Women around the world can leverage their buying power to demand better representation, and the results have been tremendous.

Perfect for a stocking stuffer, a teacher gift, or just to keep one in each pocket!

  • #RespectHerGame (Natural)
  • #AskHerMore (Mint)
  • #NotBuyingIt (Vanilla)
  • TheRepProject (Natural)



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