I AM POWERFUL Blanket (50″x60″)


I AM POWERFUL Blanket (50″x60″)


This super-cozy limited edition blanket comes printed with a mantra to help command the narrative, and fight back against harmful gender stereotypes.


I AM POWERFUL Blanket -50″x60″.

Our mission at The Representation Project is to fight against harmful gender stereotypes in the media: a mission built on understanding the tremendous power that narrative and representation play in shaping culture and psychology. They change how we see the world we live in, and how we imagine what the world might be. We can take some of that power for ourselves by crafting narratives that shape our lives, fighting back against the narratives that are imposed upon us. And we can keep those narratives with us in mantra form, printed on a super-cozy limited edition blanket, so they can keep us warm and empowered at the same time.

A snuggly fleece feel-good gift!

  • 100% polyester, soft polar fleece
  • Printed on 1 side with hemmed edge
  • Durable & machine-washable
  • Crisp, full-color, dye-based printing
  • 2 sizes available (50″x60″, 60″x80″)

A perfect pairing with one of our I AM POWERFUL pillows, in either small or large size!