Powerful Signs from the 2023 Women’s March

3 signs from the 2023 Women's March: "I'm With Her," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights," and "We Will Set Each Other Free"

The annual Women’s March took place this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin with additional sister marches across the country. This year’s march marked what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which was overturned in June of last year. Thousands of protestors gathered under the 2023 theme, Bigger Than Roe, to fight for a better feminist future.

We’ve put together a round-up of powerful signs from marches across the country.

I’m With Her

The 2023 Women's March in New York City. A woman in a crowd raises a cardboard "I'm With Her" sign with arrows pointing in every direction.
Photo: Andrea Renault (New York, NY)

I Love Someone Who Had An Abortion

A girl sits in a fabric wagon holding a "I love someone who had an abortion" sign.
Photo: Paisley Koch

Grannies for Reproductive Justice

A woman holds a pink "Grannies for Reproductive Justice" sign
Photo: Paisley Koch

We Will Set Each Other Free

A person holds a sign up with both hands. The sign reads, "We will set each other free."
Photo: Celal Gunes (Washington, DC)

A trio of signs: No, You Can’t Take My Rights, I’m Still Using Them; I’m With Her; & My Body My Choice

Three people stand side-by-side and pose with their signs. From left to right, the signs read: "No you can't take my rights, I'm still using them," "I'm with her," and "my body my choice."
Photo: Ingrid Bostrom (Santa Barbara, CA)

I Got 99 problems And White Heteronormative Patriarchy Is All of Them!!

A person holds up a sign with both hands. The sign is blue with a uterus, stars, and flowers drawn on and text written on top. The text reads: "I got 99 problems and white heteronormative patriarchy is all of them!!"
Photo: Ingrid Bostrom (Santa Barbara, CA)

Insist, Resist, Persist

A woman holds a "Insister, Resist, Persist" sign.
Photo: Ingrid Bostrom (Santa Barbara, CA)

Mind Your Own Uterus

A person holds a "Mind your own uterus" sign with a uterus illustrated to hold up two middle fingers.
Photo: Aidan Mahoney (Cincinnati, OH)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Human Rights

A girl sits on an adult's shoulders and holds a "Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Human Rights" sign in front of the adult's head.
Photo: Aidan Mahoney (Cincinnati, OH)

Take Action! Keep up your activism throughout the year. Follow our tips to fight for abortion rights: join rallies in your community, volunteer at your local Planned Parenthood, and, if you have the means, donate directly to reproductive rights organizations.