Justin Baldoni, Benjamin Bratt, and More Joined “The Mask You Live In” Live Screening

Two years ago, The Representation Project launched this documentary to expose America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Not enough has changed. That’s why with the help of Axe, we decided to show “The Mask You Live In” live, online November 7th. Thousands joined us online as we learned how to dismantle harmful gender stereotypes. Learn more below:

“The Mask You Live In” follows the struggles that guys go through as they try to stay true to themselves. This message and film are needed now more than ever.

Prior to the screening, celebrities including Alyssa Milano, Justin Baldoni, and Matt McGorry shared about why “The Mask You Live In” is still relevant and more important than ever.

People like Benjamin Bratt and Gavin Newsom encouraged everyone to join and use the film to start a conversation about how we are failing our boys.

Justin Baldoni shared a touching story about how our culture continues to value and profit off of perpetuating stereotypical gender norms that hurt everyone.

Experts from the film also participated from Joe Ehrmann to Tony Porter to Caroline Heldman

During the live screening, people took to Facebook and Twitter to share their live reactions to the film.

Thank you to everyone who watched. Join us today and every day in building a movement against harmful gender stereotypes and social injustices.